Vehicle Tracking System consists of software and hardware tools that are necessary for tracking motor and non-motorized objects. What does it consist of?

 1.GPS (Global Positioning System)

Gps (Global Positioning System): The GPS receiver is a satellite map routing system that provides four or more satellites with all weather conditions (eg rain-snow, etc.), location and time. The GPS system, which was first used for military purposes, was opened to civilian use in 1983, after its target was reduced by targeting a passenger carrying passenger aircraft. GPS systems are used today in aircraft, mobile phones, vehicle tracking systems, maps, navigation systems, map construction and many more. There are GPS-like positioning systems. Today is the most efficient GPS running.

   2. GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)

GPRS, E, 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G as an operator technology that allows you to enter the world of speed by specifying the speed. GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is a technology that enables high-speed packet data communication over the existing GSM Network and is a new carrier service that greatly simplifies and enhances wireless access to packet data networks such as the Internet. The increase in cellular mobile telephony and internet users is great for cellular wireless data networks. targets a market. In a few years there will be high demand for high-performance wireless internet access, but existing cellular data services will not be able to meet the demands of users and service providers. For the user, the data transfer rates are low; Due to the circuit-switched nature of the existing cellular network, the entire traffic channel is occupied by a single user. This leads to inefficient use of already limited air interface resources. In addition, in the packet switched network, the traffic channel is released only after the required data transmission occurs, so that many users can share the same physical channel (statistical multiplexing). In terms of charging, the user is disadvantageous because the existing networks are charged in proportion to the channel’s busy time. In the packet switched network, the charging is done over the amount of data transferred, which makes it possible to stay on line. Due to the inadequacy of data transmission of the existing GSM network, two cellular packet switching technologies, AMPS IS-95 and CPPD used for IS-136, and GPRS for GSM, have been developed. Due to its low speed and low pricing, it is used in embedded systems such as vehicle tracking system.

3.What is Vehicle Tracking System?

The Vehicle Tracking System is an advanced tracking system based on software and hardware, which allows the location of the world (latitude, longitude information) via four or more satellites to be sent to server-server via GPRS. Vehicle Tracking System consists of embedded devices and operating systems. Data periods are available. Standard features such as speed information, position information, fuel information are available.

Professional systems can be developed. In-car temperature – temperature monitoring, with the G-sensor can track accidents, collision alarms of vehicles. Vehicle Tracking System takes control of your vehicles with 100mb internet package.

Alarms: Overseas alarm, Speed ​​alarm, Zone alarm, Accident alarm, Fuel alarm, Car Maintenance alarms

Uses: Service vehicles, Truck, Bus, Breakpoint tracking, minibus – midibus, motorbike

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